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Metal Pipes, Glass Hand Pipes, Glass Water Pipes

   We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. At 420 Easy Street we want to provide you with the best quality glass, metal , silicon pipes! We search far and wide to find the best products to provide our customers the best experience possible.

Why Buy a Glass Pipe for Smoking
If you’re looking for the best smoking device for tobacco or cannabis, consider the following reasons why you should buy a glass pipe.

1.It's Healthy
If you’re going to buy water pipes for weed or tobacco, the water is going to filter the smoke before it gets to you. This eliminates a large number of carcinogens as well as any other residues that may be present when you inhale the smoke.
 While there is some debate about the percentage of harmful substances filtered away by water, one thing is certain: any method of filtration is preferable to non-filtered alternatives.
Weed and tobacco smokers also do not have to worry about the risks of a harsh hit because the water cools the smoke in the pipe.

2.It's Durable
When compared to other types of pipes, glass pipes are more durable. Glass pipes are typically built from a single piece of glass so they can withstand a lot of force and can last a long time.
Glass pipes go through a heating and molding process to achieve their unique shapes. Because of the heating and molding process, glass pipes become tough and sturdy.
Cannabis and tobacco pipes are also made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is known for its durability and heat-resistant quality. It won’t easily crack even when exposed to high-temperature changes.

Another big advantage of glass pipes is the wide range of shapes, styles, designs, and sizes of glass pipes, including smoking accessories that are available to you.
Glass pipes are also available in handcrafted, glow-in-the-dark, and custom-made styles to fit any taste.
Here at , we offer 420Easy Street a huge selection of unique glass smoking pipes in different colors and styles.


Metal Smoking Pipe Tools
Before you can get started caring for your pipe, you’ll need to gather the right equipment. To clean a metal smoking pipe, make sure you have:
 Alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol 70% is ideal, but you can also try vodka or whiskey that’s at least 140 proof. The stronger the alcohol is, the less soaking the pipe will need.
 Pipe cleaners or brushes - Although alcohol helps remove ash and grime from your pipe, you’ll need to do some scrubbing. Using a pipe cleaner or brush will allow you to remove any remnants stuck inside your metal smoking pipe.
    Cloth or rag - The metal smoking pipe you have will dictate the kind of cloth or rag you should use. For more sensitive metals that are prone to scratching, a microfibre cloth is best. More robust metal pipes can handle just about any clean rag you have.Keep viping.